Crimestoppers: Top 25 Most Wanted

Crimestoppers: Top 25 Most Wanted

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - WALB is teaming with law enforcement and CrimeSTOPPERS to show you the Most Wanted Fugitives in Dougherty, Lee, and Worth Counties.

We hope to bring them to justice!

Call (229) 436-TIPS, give information where these wanted fugitives are, and there are warrant teams standing by ready to act on your tips.

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Here is a closer look at some of our Top 25 Most Wanted:

  1. Gregory Florence -- Known as Papa 8 Counts Theft By Conversion and Theft By Deception. Florence is wanted by most of the law enforcement agencies in Albany and Dougherty County.  Investigators say he rents big lawn equipment or trailers, and then sells them.
  2. Artavious Covin -- Theft by Receiving, Forgery, and Theft By Deception.
  3. Michael Cutts -- Burglary, Theft By Taking
  4. Courtney Watts -- Aggravated Stalking, Burglary, Battery.  Watts' last known address was in Pelham. LOCATED
  5. Desmond Fisher -- Statutory Rape, Probation Violation
  6. Frank Lee -- Theft By Taking, Financial Transaction Card Theft, and two counts Financial Transaction Card Fraud. Known as Big Country, Lee's last known address was Box Springs Georgia, which is near Columbus.
  7. Craig Vail -- Aggravated Child Molestation, Aggravated Sodomy. Sylvester Police say Vail is known to frequent Colquitt, Dougherty, Turner and Worth Counties.
  8. Matthew Williams -- Armed Robbery.  The Lee County Sheriff's Office says he frequents the Leesburg area.
  9. Franklin Birdsong -- Theft By Deception.  He could be in the Putney area. LOCATED
  10. Charles Gunter -- Forgery. Only 5 foot 4 inches tall, Gunter could be in Savannah.
  11. Mitchell Montemayor -- Forgery- Could be in the Quitman area
  12. Andre Bailey -- Forgery-- Could be in the Atlanta area, but could have returned to Lee County.
  13. Clifford Daniels -- Deposit Account Fraud--Daniels is 6-5, 260 pounds, and thought to be in t he Leesburg area.
  14. Joseph Stetter -- Burglary--He is thought to be in Albany LOCATED
  15. William Oliver -- Failure To Register As Sex Offender in Dougherty County.
  16. Bobby Wright -- Printing Fictitious Checks, 3 counts of making and passing phony checks
  17. Monquez Young -- Trafficking, Manufacture Illegal Drugs--Also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon
  18. Hadji Dowdell -- Aggravated Assault, also criminal damage to property
  19. Ricky Winchester -- Aggravated Assault, also cruelty to children
  20. Clinton Bradford -- Aggravated Assault-  Bradford hit a woman with a 19 inch television, breaking her jaw.
  21. Jacorey Mingo -- Aggravated Assault  --he and his brother both wanted for
  22. Darryl Mingo -- Aggravated Assault. Albany Police say the Mingo brothers fired 4 or 5 shots into an Albany home with people inside.
  23. Konterrious James -- Aggravated Assault-Police say James beat a man and a woman in the head with a hammer, putting the man on life support.
  24. James Mitchell -- Burglary--last known address in Tifton
  25. Charles Love, Jr. -- Aggravated Assault--Love strangled his ex-girlfriend.

You give information leading to the arrest of these wanted fugitives, you will earn a reward from CrimeSTOPPERS, and you can stay anonymous.
This is is your chance to help make the community safer. (229) 436-TIPS is the number for the next hour and a half, as CrimeSTOPPERS Street Sweep is underway.

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