Breakdown of Jeffrey Peacock's 911 call

Breakdown of Jeffrey Peacock's 911 call
The GBI believes Peacock is responsible for murdering his 5 friends (Source: WALB)
The GBI believes Peacock is responsible for murdering his 5 friends (Source: WALB)

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - Jeffrey Peacock is in custody at the Colquitt County Jail, and is being charged with the murder of his five friends and burning of the home.

Peacock was frantic and emotional as he told a 911 dispatcher he worried his friends were inside the burning home.
But investigators say he already knew they were dead.

Dispatch: "9-1-1 what's your emergency?"
Peacock: "Yes ma'am I need a fire department."

That's how Jeffrey Peacock's 7-minute conversation with a Colquitt County 911 dispatcher began Sunday morning.

Dispatch: "That's 505 Rosanna dairy?"
Peacock: "Yes Ma'am"
Dispatch: "Okay are you the home owner"
Peacock: "I'm not but all my buddies, they're all inside."

The 25-year old former marine cried throughout the call as he told the dispatcher, he believed his friends were inside.

Peacock: "Yes ma'am and the house is engulfed."
Dispatch: "Okay and do you know how many people are in there"
Peacock: "There's four people inside"

Two other people also called 911.  One of them realized from the scene he witnessed that there could be victims inside.

Caller: "There's three cars in the driveway. One car's gonna burn it looks like. I don't see anybody standing outside or anything."

GBI agents say Jeffrey Peacock knew who was inside because they say he shot his five friends before setting the fire to try to cover up the crime.
But he told the dispatcher he left the home to get breakfast, and returned to find the house in flames.

Dispatch: "And you said you were only gone about 30 minutes?"
Peacock: "Yes ma'am."
Peacock continued to sob throughout the call which wrapped up when first responders arrived.
Dispatch: "Is that them?"
Peacock: "Yes ma'am there's a deputy here."
Dispatch: "Alright then I'll let you go okay."
Peacock: (Crying)

Officials are still  investigating the motive.

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