Albany State and Darton leaders answer consolidation questions

The leaders of Albany State and Darton answer questions about consolidation and give a public update on the process.The school presidents stressed the benefits they say the merger will have.

They say students who graduate next Spring will get to decide whether their diploma says Albany State University or Darton State College.
 They're still studying how programs will be restructured and what degrees will be offered.
 They're not sure what kind of transportation system may be set up between the two campuses, though if they start a bus system they say it will make stops downtown.
 Albany State President Art Dunning and Darton President Richard Carvajal say Tuesday's town hall at Westover High School was productive and they're glad people have questions.

"How's it going?" said Dr. Art Dunning, Albany State University President. "Is it going well? What decisions you are making, and how are those decisions being looked at?"

"We really think there is value in this," said Dr, Richard Carvajal, Darton State College President. "We know how interested the public is in this consolidation, and they should be because what we're doing is really going to impact this region for generations to come."

Dr. Dunning says as they look at their academic programs they'll stress investing in health care programs that will prepare students for new and emerging jobs.

The consolidation process is still on track to be finalized in January. You can follow updates at a consolidation website by clicking here.

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