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Work begins on washed out Lowndes road

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Residents on Carter Way in Lowndes Co.are happy to hear the sounds of construction today. Residents have been waiting for over a month for someone to fix their washed out road.

We first told you about this road a month ago. The county wanted to help fix it but couldn't touch it until an easement was signed, and now that has happened.

It's a routine Mike Gunter and his family know all too well. "We're pretty much landlocked back here. We can't get in or out. We're having to walk a half a mile every day to the car, a half mile back to the house," he said.

For neighbors on Carter Way that's been the case for more than a month, after severe thunderstorms washed out their road. Making even the easiest tasks difficult. "It's a chore just going out to get groceries and coming home," Gunter said.

After more than a month of walking up and down the road, rain or shine, residents are finally seeing some progress. "This is a big blessing to us, we really love to see this out here."

You heard him right, residents couldn't be happier to see construction beginning on Carter Way. It took more than a month but the owners of the road agreed to sign an easement allowing the county to come in and begin repairs.

"Hopefully, worst case scenario, three weeks from now everyone who lives on Carter Way will be back on Carter Way," said Paige Dukes, Lowndes County Public Information officer.

Even though the project could take up to three weeks. Gunter says that's nothing. "It's a drop in the bucket; this will be a breeze."

He hopes his family will only be taking this walk a few more times.

The county says the construction should be finished within two to three weeks, weather depending.

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