Terrell teen dies from horse kick over the weekend

BRONWOOD, GA (WALB) - A Terrell High School Student died after being kicked by a horse.

The accident happened in the 200 block of Geise Street in Bronwood close to 8:30 Sunday morning. A horse belonging to Ron Justice escaped.

Authorities say his 15-year-old son was attempting to capture the animal.

"One of their horses had gotten out and he was trying to get the horse back in and somehow or another the horse kicked him in the chest," said Terrell County Sheriff John Bowens.

Authorities say they have gotten calls about loose horses in the area before, but they don't know who they belonged to, or if it was the same horse.

An early version of this story included premature information about the student who died. That information has since been removed. WALB apologizes for this error.

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