Albany dad sets record straight about fight

Albany dad sets record straight about fight
(Dougherty Co. Sheriff photo)
(Dougherty Co. Sheriff photo)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany resident is responding to neighbors who think a recent shooting in front of his house is drug related.

Jarelle Stroud says the fight and shooting involving his sons on Homewood Drive stems from text messages. Stroud says a boy who used to live with them thought his son was talking badly about him.

One of his sons was injured in the incident about 5:30 Wednesday afternoon. The other was taken to jail with another teen, charged with fighting.

He wants people to realize it has nothing to do with illegal activity going on at his house. "My wife called me. Told me that some kids were out here fighting in the road, and one had a gun," said Stroud.

Only one officer came and all the teens had left when Stroud got home. Only 30 minutes later, officers had to come back. "I had to call them back out here, because there was fighting, gunshots out here, and two loads of boys had came up," said Stroud.

The gunshots left a window shot out. Police don't know who fired them. Darren Stroud and Kamrean Riley, the old family friend, are charged with fighting.

"I think it should've been handled a little better than that. They grew up together, and they called each other brothers," said Stroud.

The neighborhood on Homewood Drive is a quiet place.

Stroud wants his neighbors to know it has nothing to do with drugs. "I have four cars of my own. My daughters and them have brand new cars. We don't sell any kind of drugs. We have a lot of family, and my wife has a lot of family come over every day," said Stroud.

He hopes things can back to normal for his family. His injured son is recovering at home. "I'm glad it wasn't worse. My son's ok. They released him from the hospital," said Stroud.

Stroud says at least six boys came over to fight. So far only two are charged.  Police say more charges are possible.

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