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Doggy door burglary ends in arrest

Here's how they got into the house. (Source: WALB) Here's how they got into the house. (Source: WALB)
Brandon Miller (Source: WALB) Brandon Miller (Source: WALB)
Ryan Adams (Source: WALB) Ryan Adams (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)

A very watchful neighbor is being praised tonight. He quickly dialed 911 after spotting two men breaking into his neighbor's house on Westwood Road.
 Albany police arrested 22-year-old Branden Miller and 24-year-old Ryan Adams in connection with the burglary after a chase through the neighborhood caused a brief lockdown at Westover High School.

The victim says he's happy to have his stuff back, and he can't put his appreciation into words. "We all try to take care of each other," said Steven Sides.

It's that close-knit community that prevented two burglars from getting away with electronics from Steven Sides' home Wednesday.

Sides left his home to run some quick errands. When he got back, he saw several cop cars behind his house.  "I asked them, 'What was going on?' And they said there had been a robbery in the neighborhood.  I said, 'Well, where was it at? Who was it?'"

The officer points at Sides open back gates.  "I said, 'Well that's my house!'"

It didn't take Sides long to figure out how the crooks got inside.  "They had to be some mighty skinny little boys because they crawled through this doggy door, and they had to have cut themselves to death on this one."

But while they were squeezing through the door, Sides' neighbor Fred called 911. Cops arrived shortly after, arresting the two men and recovering the stolen electronics.

"My neighbor Fred he called into the police and saved my TV because that's my baby there.  I love my TV."

Sides says he feels safe with an alert neighbor like Fred.   "He came out the door, he was going somewhere, and I looked over at him and I said, 'Fred, I love you! Thank you! I appreciate it!' He said he was just doing what he should do."

Sides says the first thing on his to-do list is to board up that doggy door.

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