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Child shot with BB gun for playing with kittens

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A four year old Terrell County child is shot in the stomach with a BB gun by his adult neighbor. The neighbor is now in custody, charged with felony cruelty to child.

That neighbor is a former Terrell County Sheriff's Deputy, who is in the County jail himself. Ronald Kirk, 43, was arrested Monday night, when outraged neighbors at the Terrell County mobile home park reported him for shooting the child.

Sheriff John Bowens said Kirk was mad because four year old Aiden Buchanon was playing with his kittens, and Monday evening about 6:30 shot him with a BB gun, without warning.

"The kid wasn't trying to hurt the kittens. You know how a little kid will play with kittens, puppies, or anything.  He was just out there in the yard playing with them.  And he just opened the door and took his BB gun and shot the kid in the stomach," said Sheriff John Bowens.

The four year old was taken to the hospital for examination and released. Sheriff Bowens said he was not hurt.

Kirk is being held without bond.  He was a deputy at the Terrell County Sheriff's Office for one year, before he was fired in 2009.

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