Homeowner burns mortgage after 25 years

Homeowner burns mortgage after 25 years
Pauline Childs (Source: WALB)
Pauline Childs (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Around 100 people are paying for their homes through the Flint River Habitat for Humanity chapter's zero percent interest program.

One Albany woman torched her mortgage Tuesday after reaching a milestone.

Pauline Childs is one of more than 60 people who have paid off their loan through the program after 25 years.

Childs says it's been a long journey.

"You can rent all your life," Childs said. "One thing about Habitat is that, one day, it will be yours."

The Flint River Habitat for Humanity said an average of four homeowners pay off their mortgages each year.

Operations Manager Lauren Welch said ownership has many upsides like building equity and gaining control.

"You're fixing it yourself," Welch said. "Of course, there are some pros and cons to that, but it is your property. It is your asset."

Volunteers from Phoebe Putney and Huron Consulting celebrated Childs' milestone by repairing a fence and taking care of other odd jobs around the house.

Childs said the world is a better place thanks to all those helping out.

"It needs more people like Habitat to help out for humanity," Childs said.

She says she feels blessed that the financial obligation is now just a pile of ashes.

Flint River Habitat for Humanity employees said a new home is currently available in their program.

Habitat For Humanity's requirements for homeownwership are very specific, but qualified people can apply here: http://www.flintriverhabitat.org/homeowner-interest-form.html

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