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Caught on camera: Brazen duo robs Moultrie store in broad daylight

(Surveillance image) (Surveillance image)
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Smith and Poole (WALB image) Smith and Poole (WALB image)
Tonero Bender (WALB Image) Tonero Bender (WALB Image)

Police are hoping someone will recognized the unique characteristics of the two robbers, and come forward.

"It's absolutely surprising and it's something we want to stop," said Major Tonero Bender.

Criminals in Moultrie aren't waiting for the sun to go down anymore.  Yesterday, just after 4:00 in the afternoon, two robbers ran into the Super Cee on West Bypass, one armed with a handgun.

"It's not really late in the evening.  It's all times of the day," said Bender. Another one stood by the door as a lookout.

Beverly Poole and Gail Smith live right by the store. They say robbers have targeted the store in the past. They worry violent crime may force owners to pack up and leave. "Wow.  It's sad, that's something, just, it's sad," Poole said.

"Just to know that, when they rob the store, they're hurting people that need somewhere to go and get little odds and ends," said Gail Smith.

Police say they do not tolerate this type of crime.  They believe, with the community's help, they can identify these men. "You can tell from the video, one is a larger male, the other seems to be a thinner build," said Bender.

They're hoping someone will recognize the duo.  "One day we're going to catch them and they'll be stopped also."

Poole and Smith have a message for the robbers.  "Grow up.  Whoever did it. I don't know who did it," Poole said.

And they won't let them keep them from shopping here.  "I'll probably be back tomorrow," Poole said.

If you recognize those two men in the surveillance video, call Moultrie police.

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