Drug suspect's friends try to block Valdosta cops from arrest

Drug suspect's friends try to block Valdosta cops from arrest
(Lowndes Sheriff photos)
(Lowndes Sheriff photos)
(Lowndes Sheriff photos)
(Lowndes Sheriff photos)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A Valdosta Police Officer checking out the scene at the Ora Lee West Housing Complex with the city's camera system Monday saw a drug transaction, and found that a person had Marijuana. When officers tried to make arrests, they found themselves surrounded by over a dozen people who got violent.

Willie Roberts, was arrested for Possession of Marijuana. A Police dog indicated that illegal narcotics were in his car and the officer saw drug paraphernalia in plain view inside the vehicle.

A woman came up and claimed to be the owner of the car,  and told the officer he was not allowed to go into it. When the officer told her what he discovered, she grabbed the car door and tried to close it.

DeAnthony Motes, 27, ran toward the officer and jumped in the car.  Motes grabbed a large bag of marijuana out of the vehicle and threw it under the vehicle, out of the reach of officers.

Another person grabbed the marijuana and took off running while officers began taking Motes into custody. Motes started fighting the officers, and that drew a crowd of between 15-20 people who surrounded the two officers, trying to keep them from arresting Motes.

"Their body camera video shows they're telling everybody to get back. No one will get back. Nobody will listen to them," said Chief Brian Childress with the Valdosta Police.

Several people tried to to push one of the car doors shut so Motes could not be taken into custody. Four of them were taken into custody for Obstruction of officers, as VPD tries to identify the others who obstructed officers. The entire incident was recorded on video to include body-worn cameras.

"The folks that were arrested should've stayed out of it. Guess what? We just locked up another one today and we're not done," said Childress.

People around the area say they aren't surprised at what happened. They said that it seems officers come in looking for trouble.

"You've got a couple of good cops, but 94% of the time when they're coming through they're looking to bother somebody," said Valdosta resident Willie Jones.

But Jones hopes Chief Childress can help change that, and Childress plans to.

"The police department has received numerous complaints over the past several months of illegal drug sales in the area of Troup Street and East Jane Street. This incident confirms information which the department received. We will not tolerate this nonsense going on in our city and everyone who interfered with the officers will be arrested," stated Chief Brian Childress.

The people were arrested and were transported to the Lowndes County Jail:

DeAnthony Motes: Possession of Marijuana w/Intent to Distribute (FELONY), Possession of Tools for the Commission of Crime (FELONY),  Possession of Marijuana w/Intent to Distribute within 1,000  feet of a Housing Project (FELONY, Tampering with Evidence (FELONY), Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)

Willie Roberts, 25: Possession of Marijuana (Misdemeanor)

Devon Adams, 22: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)

Porsche Scott, 27: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)

Michael Green, 26: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)

Kenyatta Johnson, 24: Obstruction of an Officer (Misdemeanor)

Anthony Eady, 29, was arrested about noon Tuesday for Misdemeanor Obstruction.

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