Graduating senior drives away in new car

Graduating senior drives away in new car
14 students won laptops (Source: WALB)
14 students won laptops (Source: WALB)
The final two students trying their keys (Source: WALB)
The final two students trying their keys (Source: WALB)
Jazmine Wiseman (Source: WALB)
Jazmine Wiseman (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - One car, 15 keys, and lots of prizes.

"It feels great! Now I'm feeling like the stuff we've done, we're getting rewarded for it,"says senior Kelsey Grant.

Each nine weeks during the school year graduating seniors passing all their classes with no tardies, absences, and discipline referrals were entered into a drawing.

Then 15 of those students were chosen. Each student hoping to win a brand new car.

"In order to win that key has to unlock the door and lock it back," said one of the announcers.

Each student drew a car key and tried to lock and unlock the car door one at a time.

Students with keys that were unsuccessful didn't go home empty handed. They each got brand new laptops.

"It's going to help me do my work and stuff for school," says Jazmine Wiseman.

But as key after key was unsuccessful the remaining students had their eyes on a new car. The lucky winner was the very last key, held by Kelsey Grant.

"It feels great! Now I won't have to worry about me buying car!" says Kelsey with excitement.

Two students also won $500 scholarships to Wiregrass Technical College.

"I'm still happy! As long as I won something," says Jazmine, "I'm still happy."

She won a scholarship and a laptop.

Students say with graduation right around the corner their hard work is paying off.

"It paid off, big time because I won a car," says Kelsey.

"I'm so proud! I'm thankful for all my teachers that I've had," adds Jazmine.

This is the 5th year Valdosta Toyota Scion held the event for Valdosta High School.

They have donated more than $160,000 in prizes.

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