Police warn bikers, ATC riders

Police warn bikers, ATC riders

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Police in other cities like New York City, have had trouble from packs of motorcyclists and four wheeler riders going onto city streets for fun.

Albany and Dougherty County police say they have also seen groups of riders here breaking traffic laws.  Police urge the riders to obey the law, but stress officers will not chase them.

"We're not doing that for a reason. Because we're not trying to cause a hazard of an accident for other drivers on the road. So we're not going to chase them," said Chief Jackie Battle, of the Dougherty County Police.

"Just obey the law.  If you are going to ride in packs, load your vehicles up on trucks or trailers.  Take it out to an approved area and you can ride all day long. But stay off the city streets," said Chief Michael Persley Albany Police  

Albany and Dougherty County Police also warn riders taking motorcycles or other vehicles not authorized for street use on public roads, that they will be ticketed.

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