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ASU tells riders to stay off river berm

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Albany State University Police are having to get on their four wheelers in order to patrol and keep other riders off their levee and the trails by the Flint River on their campus.

 Albany State University Police Chief John Fields said "The levee was built back after the Flood of 1994.  And so it's very important that we sustain the levee, because we never know when another flood will come."

After the December flooding, state officials checked the trails and levees and saw the impact that the increased traffic is having.  You can see the deep ruts dug into the levee.  At the top you can see where heavy traffic has caused a steep slope.

Albany State University Facilities Director Robert Lawson said "Anything in the levee that causes it to erode, we have to keep it out of the levee. So basically we are trying to keep the four wheelers out."

University police are also concerned that the eroding trails and levee have become a safety concern. "A lot of those trails, one wrong move or whatever you could flip over. Something could happen easily," ?  Fields said.

So the warning is being put out publicly.  No trespassing signs have been put up, and officers will be patrolling. 

 "You could get arrested. Ticketed.  Or even have your vehicle confiscated.  So we want the public to know," Fields said

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