Apartment building partially burns

Apartment building partially burns
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A unit of the Rivercrest Apartments caught on fire in Albany about 9:30AM. The complex is on Don Cutler, just east of the Flint River.

AFD was searching the area for one man who was not accounted for, but he was found safe.

At least two families are displaced after a devastating apartment fire in East Albany. One unit at the Rivercrest Apartment complex was heavily damaged, but so far, the cause is undetermined.

When firefighters were first called to the apartment fire, while still on the way, they were told there was a possibility of several children inside the unit.

Albany Fire Department Battalion Chief Kelly Harcrow said "When Engine 1 arrived we had heavy flames and smoke showed at one apartment."
Firefighters had reports there possibly were several people inside the apartment, so there was urgency to search for victims.

"The amount of fire we had, we actually had to do a lot of work to get in to find the people. Rather to search for the people. Like I said rescue is always the number one priority."

Fortunately firefighters soon learned there was no one inside the apartment.   Just as important as putting out the fire in the first apartment, firefighters worked to keep it from spreading, to protect the other homes in the building,

Kia King and her brother live in the next apartment.  They awoke smelling smoke. "We saw a whole bunch of smoke.  So we ran to the front door, and the whole front was on fire."

Without shoes, the Kings ran to make sure their neighbors got out safely. "We knocked on the neighbor's door and letting them know the fire as out there."

The fire was so intense, it melted the siding off the side of the apartments. The second floor of the primary apartment was near collapse, and had to be shored up. 

Harcrow said "We had to kill the power to several of the apartments.  The other four units at this point, there is a little bit of water damage in a second adjacent apartment, but the other two apartments should not be effected at all."

The relief for firefighters is that no one was hurt or killed in this blaze.

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