Lanier Co. residents clean up after the storm

Lanier Co. residents clean up after the storm
(Sheriff Nick Norton)

LAKELAND, GA (WALB) - There was plenty of storm damage Tuesday night in Lakeland, but the National Weather Service says the path of debris was not caused by a tornado.

Still thunderstorms and straight line winds are nothing to ignore.

"Things can happen within a second or two. It's a shock to everybody that it has happened." The tree Felicia Nelms ran from now sits on top of her house and the family car.

No one in her home was hurt. So, Nelms just feels lucky to be alive. "We're not worried about vehicles. All of them are messed up. We're just worried about our lives. We're just glad we made it through."

Police say Nelms got the worst of the damage. Authorities had to relocate nine people whose homes are too dangerous to be in. No one was injured yesterday. But they say people should be careful around downed lines.

Crews are busy fixing downed power lines, but they aren't the only ones out in the aftermath

Tommy Royals is out cleaning up the debris for neighbors and an extra buck

"We've seen signs torn down over there. We came out here and say that big tree snapped and asked her if she wanted us to clean it up."

Royals says he's been out here where this tree fell across the road for two hours. He says the pile behind him is the result of his efforts. "All that there was all out there. We just took it and put it all over there."

Neighbors say they appreciate the help because the task is too large for just one person.

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