Strong storms rip through Crisp Co. neighborhood

Strong storms rip through Crisp Co. neighborhood

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - Homeowners in one Crisp County neighborhood continue to clean up the debris left behind from last night's storms. Huge trees fell on one home while many others were completely uprooted by strong winds.

Those strong winds last night were able to uproot this massive one hundred year old oak tree; just one of five trees that fell on this property on Cork Ferry Road. Neighbors say they're thankful no one was hurt but they're dreading the amount of clean up in store.

Crews spent all morning and most of the afternoon here on Cork Ferry Road clearing out the roadways and moving fallen limbs.
"It was terrible winds.  I've never seen anything like it. We've had a lot of winds out here, but this was the worst, "said Sybil Sanders.
Sanders lives down the street. She says she woke up this morning to a yard full of damage.  "We have a lot of limbs down, and a lot of debris in the yard.  Just stuff like that.  It's really messy. "
The mess left behind from powerful winds, heavy rain, and hail during last night's storms. "It was scary.  It didn't last but about 15 to 20 minutes. "
But that was enough time to scare her dog, Doc.  "He was in my lap the whole time.  He didn't like it at all."
And enough time to cause power outages for residents for several hours. Heidi Ferns lives here with her mother in law, and said the loss of power caused even more stress.
"She's on a C-PAP machine and she can't breathe without her machine. So we stayed up all night and all morning keeping an eye on her," said Heidi Ferns.
Now that the power is back on, Ferns will focus on cleaning up her yard, with help from her kids.

"I don't even know how we're going to do this," Ferns said.
While feeling blessed this massive oak tree didn't fall on her home, and everyone is safe. "Thank God."

Crews haven't taken a single break as they continue to clean up this mess. We met neighbors who walked around the neighborhood today, picking up little branches and leaves, doing whatever they could to help.

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