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Crashing tree barely misses Ocilla woman

Dora Moses (WALB image) Dora Moses (WALB image)
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A tree is to blame for a fire that destroyed one woman's home in the 800 block of East Eighth Street. That tree's branches snagged a power line on it's way down sparking the blaze. It took firefighters almost half an hour to put it out.

It's hard for Dora Moses to think back on Tuesday afternoon

"I'm smiling, but I smile to keep from crying," said Dora Moses. "I'm about to be emotional right now, thinking about my life."

She had just returned home from grocery shopping, when she heard a noise. "I heard a loud pop in my front yard," said Moses.

That loud pop was a tree that had crashed into the side of her house right where she was putting up groceries. The tree's branches had pulled down the power line. "I heard all this current, that funny sound."

And quickly Moses was left in the dark. "No lights on, nothing on, everything, TVs and all that stuff, was gone."

She says without the daylight to guide her through the smoke and out of the house her story could have had a different ending.

"If I came out that window, the power line would have been right there waiting on me."

Fortunately Moses made it out safely. "I am so thankful for being here today."

But everything inside her home of thirty years is now destroyed. "All I have is what I have here, right now. Clothes on my back."

A home that held childhood memories for her daughter Kenya. "Me and my brothers and sisters used to argue, do all kind of stuff, cook," said Kenya Smith.

But she is thankful for the one thing that can't be replaced. "Mother's Day weekend, and I still got my momma."

Moses says she lost everything in the fire and is now asking the community to help her get back on her feet. if you'd like to help call  229-450-4672.

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