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Lowndes animal shelter marks a milestone

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For the first time ever, there are no dogs for adoption today at the Lowndes County Animal Shelter. They say more than 100 dogs found homes.

Their adoption board shows the 107 dogs that were adopted in April Another 19 dogs were adopted over the past two days.

"They were all able to walk out of here. They've gone to rescues, they've gone to new local homes here in our community. That takes a big chunk out of euthanasia numbers and we want to continue that process," Paige

Shelter employees hope to see more days like this in the future, even if they don't last long.

"We know today is the exception to the rule. I'm sure that before the weeks out we'll have more dogs that will come in, people will give their dogs up, we'll find strays," Paige.

But until they have more furry friends up for adoption, employees will be working on sanitizing all the kennels and equipment.

"Right now is a great opportunity for the staff to go through and clean everything really well. So that as we do move dogs into those adoption rooms again they're coming into a better environment," Paige

County officials say hard working staff members and local rescue organizations helped make this possible by raising awareness.
They say the community helped too.

"Whenever you do that you're saving two lives. You're making room for another pet in the shelter if need be and you're keeping that dog from being euthanized," Paige

The animal shelter will also get $800,000 in SPLOST funding will go to renovating the building.

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