Florida man leads deputies on chase in stolen car

Florida man leads deputies on chase in stolen car
The deputies got the man stopped (Turner Sheriff)
The deputies got the man stopped (Turner Sheriff)
(Turner Co. Sheriff)
(Turner Co. Sheriff)
Sheriff Hester (WALB image)
Sheriff Hester (WALB image)

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - We're getting our first look at dash cam footage of a high speed multi county chase that ended on busy city streets.

The Turner County sheriff wants other criminals to know that they're determined to catch them.  The suspect ended up being in a stolen car from Florida.

The chase started after the car was clocked going 106MPH, and it quickly escalated into much more.

It was a normal afternoon for patrolling deputies last week. The driver of the stolen Toyota SUV acted like he was pulling over too, but eventually ditched the deputy and flew off an exit.

"Saw the deputy sitting there, went straight across the interstate, straight across and back onto the interstate," said Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester.

The man behind the wheel, Vance Harris, then went several miles up the interstate at speeds above 100 miles an hour.

The sheriff defends his decision to chase Harris during the afternoon. "We're here to catch the bad guys, not let them go. When you convey that to them to let them know that you're just going to not chase them, they'll all run," said Sheriff Hester.

Harris got off the interstate and then flew down a county road towards Tifton.

Officers with Tifton police and the GSP were waiting. "They were aware we were coming. They had a lot of units in the area helping block streets, things of that nature as the pursuit went through," said Sheriff Hester.

A trooper with the post in Tifton "pitted" Harris after several turns through the city. Sheriff Hester says training paid off.  "Every meeting we have, I constantly am talking to the deputies about the way they drive and when they pursue people they need to make sure they use due diligence and be safe theirselves," said Sheriff Hester.

As for other criminals that think about speeding, "They can do the right thing and pull over," said Sheriff Hester.

Harris faces a long list of charges:

Failure to Drive within Single Lane
Driving w/Suspended License
Reckless Driving
Following too Closely
Turning Position Signals Required x2
Failure to Stop at Stop Sign

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