Deerfield-Windsor hosts summer Special Olympics

Deerfield-Windsor hosts summer Special Olympics
DWS students and faculty gathered to host the Special Olympics games (Source: WALB)
Athletes had a great time competing with and supporting others (Source: WALB)
Athletes had a great time competing with and supporting others (Source: WALB)
Emma Goldsmith (Source: WALB)
Emma Goldsmith (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The summer Special Olympics is a beloved tradition in Dougherty County, bringing young student athletes together to compete in track and field events.

Friday's games, held at a new venue, were organized by fellow students for the student athletes. It was a wonderful day for all, and perhaps the start of a new tradition.

"Yes, this started as my idea but I in no way did this by myself," said DWS Senior Emma Goldsmith.

The athletes are off, always giving their best, and getting lots of support from students their own age.

"This is my first Special Olympics at Deerfield, so that's been great!" said teacher Donielle Chittick.

Deerfield-Windsor Academy students and faculty volunteered their campus and their time to host this year's summer games.

"The students have put this together and run all the logistics, they've made it really easy," said Rushton Allen.

It's easy putting smiles on athlete's faces like 17-year-old Blake from Lee Co.

"He's really enjoyed it here today!" laughs Chittick. "He's a sweetheart!"

Blake earned ribbons in the sprint and the softball toss.

"The absolute pure job that you see on these athletes faces as they compete doing the best they can, going up against their friends," said Allen.

New friends were also made, who all hope to host the games again.

"Judging by the fact how much fun everyone is having I think we have started a tradition here, and its something I'm really proud of," said Goldsmith.

Some of the athletes will go on to compete in the Region Games, and possibly on to State.

For more information on the games, visit the Special Olympics Georgia website here.

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