3 Lee County seniors sign, two to Andrew College

3 Lee County seniors sign, two to Andrew College
Brandon Brock and the two Andrew signees (Source: WALB)
Brandon Brock and the two Andrew signees (Source: WALB)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - As if Lee County baseball hadn't won enough this year, three of their six seniors signed scholarships to play at the next level.

Two of them will continue to be teammates for at least two more years.

Tyler Goff and Andrew Wingate have chemistry on the diamond.

Even the way they prep the pitcher's mound is symphonic, so it's easy to tell they won't miss a beat as they take their talents to Andrew College.

And Brandon Brock has a message for the Fighting Tigers Program.

"They're getting guys with a lot of fortitude," said Brock. "And a lot of bravery on the mound. It's tough to be a pitcher nowadays, but they're getting guys that work hard and are great program guys and they're going to listen to everything you tell them."

Goff won 85 percent of his games while posting a 2.35 ERA. And Wingate had 5 saves and a couple wins. They're both happy to continue the success together.

"It's going to make the transfer easier and I'm going to know somebody there with me," said Goff. "And I also have my best friend. He comes in on the mound, and closes my games. And he's going to be closing out the games at Andrew College."

"Maybe we can take the legacy that we've done here and carry it over there and continue to do good things," said Wingate.

And like any relationship, the foundation relies on trust.

"I trust him to do a good job in the beginning," said Wingate "And he's got to trust me to go out there and do the same thing for him."

They weren't the only Trojans to sign. Landon Cooper will also remain in Georgia, heading out to Division II powerhouse Columbus State. Brock said it's bitter sweet watching him leave.

"He's very fast, very strong defense, and he's turned into a very good hitter," said Brock. "Any college coach, you tell them speed and defense, and they;re going to be fine with that."

Cooper led the Trojans in stolen bases with 13.

Lee County baseball isn't over for these three. The Trojans host a first round playoff doubleheader on Friday against McEachern.

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