Two cases of female violence don't make a trend

Two cases of female violence don't make a trend
Former D. A. Plez Hardin (Source: WALB)

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - We've reported on two cases in which a woman is charged with killing a man. But the Sumter County DA says he hasn't noticed any upward trend in domestic violence.
He says it is important to realize that anyone, man or woman, can be a victim of this kind of abuse. He adds that domestic violence cases are hard to prosecute.

"The biggest problem is that so often those victims of domestic violence don't want to proceed with the prosecution of it. no matter how bad the case, we always have individuals that want to drop the charges or just not cooperate with the prosecution at all," said  District Attorney Plez Hardin.

Hardin also says the resources to deal with domestic violence after the fact are very limited in Sumter County.

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