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Mother honors son, encourages organ donation

Laurie Carter (WALB image) Laurie Carter (WALB image)
Tyler Carter (Family image) Tyler Carter (Family image)
Carla Hawkins (Source: WALB) Carla Hawkins (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB) (Source: WALB)

Laurie Carter Lost her son, Tyler, to a car accident in 2006.  

"He was going around a curb, and lost control, and jack-knifed another car," Laurie recalls. 

Tyler was 16, and had registered to be an organ donor just months before. 

"Live life, love life, give life. That's what Tyler did," Laurie says about her son, "He loved life and he lived it to the fullest." 

Laurie decided to honor Tyler's wishes and donate his organs. His heart, liver, and kidneys helped save four other lives. 

"It's nice to know that someone else has a chance at life," says Laurie. 

"It's very important because now we have a critical shortage of organs throughout the country," Carla Hawkins with LifeLink of Georgia says about Tyler becoming an organ donor. 

Laurie will be honoring Tyler's memory and raising awareness for organ donation this Saturday with a duathlon, which is a biking and running event.  

At the event Saturday, at the Berrien County Recreation Center, people can learn about organ donation, and sign up to become organ donors. 

"Every 11 minutes another name gets added to the national transplant waiting list. Everyday 18 people pass away because they never do receive that life saving gift of organ donation," Hawkins explains. 

All the proceeds will go to a scholarship fund given to to Berrien High School seniors every year.

Laurie says she's happy they donated Tyler's organs. The Carter family even gets letters from the people who received them. 

"It's just been great to hear from him. He lets us know how his life has changed and how he's living life to the fullest," Laurie says about one of the recipients. 

She hopes Tyler's story will encourage everyone to look into becoming an organ donor. 

"I can't think of a better way to honor somebody that you love and remember somebody than to let part of them live on in someone else," Laurie urges.

Registration for the duathlon starts at seven, with the race kicking off at eight, at 1015 Exum Road, Nashville, GA  

For more info, CLICK HERE, or call Doug Carter, at 229-300-6770.

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