Editorial: Restoring voting rights to convicted felons

Editorial: Restoring voting rights to convicted felons

Last week the Governor of Virginia received a lot of attention by proposing to restore the voting rights to convicted felons.

Governor Terry McAuliff said second chances matter, and there should not be a lifetime ban on voting, due to past felonies.

"We will insure that every Virginian with the freedom to live in our communities, has the responsibility and the right to participate in our democratic process," said McAuliff.

There are 6 million U.S. citizens who are now barred from voting. This is part of the ongoing discussion around the country about the need for major criminal justice reform.

23 states have already taken some action on getting some felons back on the voting roles.

Georgia should also consider the fact that if a felon has paid his debt to society, completed all probation and parole, has the right to work and pay taxes, why should they not also have the right to vote?

That sentence, now served, was determined by a judge and a jury. They are now free again to live in our communities.

This should not be considered a political issue, but the right thing to do morally.

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