Jail workers sharpen their skills

Jail workers sharpen their skills
The training consisted of 120 hours (Source:WALB)
Classes focused on a wide array of topics (Source:WALB)
Classes focused on a wide array of topics (Source:WALB)
Alvin Clarkson, event attendee (Source:WALB)
Alvin Clarkson, event attendee (Source:WALB)

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - As the doors close behind supervisors working at the Tift County Jail each day, a very different world awaits them inside.  It's a high stress environment that those working in the facility say demands constant training. 
"The people that come in don't want to be there," Sheriff Gene Scarborough said. "It just gives them a better handle on dealing with the day-to-day problems. The jail is an 800-pound gorilla in every sheriff's office."

To keep things running smoothly, four sergeants completed classes this month aimed at improving safety and security.

Course attendee Alvin Clarkson said skills he learned including risk management, motivational leadership and ethics will make his job easier.

"It helped me instill some of this in my personal life at home because it teaches you to be humble and to think before you act," Clarkson said

The sergeants become responsible for the entire facility in the absence of the jail administrator and chief of security.

Scarborough said that's one of the reasons the training is so important.

"They're behind these walls for twelve hours," Scarborough said. "The stress levels are enormous. I'm sure, during this training, they learn to deal with the stress they have and learn to deal with the people that come in."

The Georgia Public Safety Training Center taught the classes.

Clarkson said he's already applying what he's learned during the three tiers and 120 hours of training.
"We just finished up tier three," Clarkson said. "We're bringing some of the things to the table. We're going to run it through out captain and have a meeting."

Clarkson said the fact that he took the classes with his co-workers means he has a solid group to depend on.

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