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Elev-8 educates and coaches Moultrians to be their best

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A fitness program in Moultrie is doing a lot more than getting people in shape. It's inspiring folks to achieve goals they never thought were possible. 

Elev-8 educates and coaches folks here in town how to be the healthiest and fittest version of themselves. 

Kim Bryant has lived in Moultrie since she was a teenager. When she first walked into Elev-8,  she was 100 pounds heavier,  and lacked self-confidence. 

But after her first day,  she realized the fit trainers and cross fit fanatics were not there to intimidate,  they were there to elevate. "I was terrified, absolutely terrified. I was, of course, over a hundred pounds heavier and I was scared everybody was going to judge me," she said.

Only nine months ago, she was unable to walk for fifteen minutes without losing her breath. "Honestly, I thought I had gone too far before I had come here. And then when I came here, they let me know I was worth fighting for," Kim Bryant said.

Elev8 owner Jimmy Bloodworth says obesity is a growing problem, especially here in South Georgia. Many clients coming to him, after years of eating convenient and unhealthy fast food. 

"One of the things we do when we listen to our members is, 'What's your excuse? What's your reason?'" said Jimmy Bloodworth.  "And eating quality foods is a big deal around here.  I mean it's hard to do." 

So while Bloodworth coaches clients with workouts,  he also educates them on ways to live a healthy nutritious life. "Here, they teach you how to eat, it's not just exercise. They teach you how to do everything: the right way to eat and the right way to go grocery shopping," Bryant said.

Now one hundred pounds down,  Bryant says she's gained more than she's lost. A new family. "They will love you. They won't judge you, nobody.  Not even the fittest one here is going to look at you and laugh. They're going to say, 'You can do it!'" 

Kim now walks almost five miles a day, and encourages people who have similar stories to hers to take advantage of this resource.  She says if she can do it, so can you. 

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