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Harnessing the power of the sun

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A company in south Georgia is working to bring affordable energy to Moultrie businesses and farmers.  Sunbelt Power Solutions, which started in Douglas, is hoping to harvest the sun right here in town. 

One man who installed solar panels on his Moultrie farm, explains why this is the future of the agricultural industry. 

Bill Elliott says he first heard about solar power panels during a Rotary meeting in Moultrie a couple years back. 

Now, he's installed panels on his own property and says he saves close to $2,000 a year. 

Elliot says farmers are currently spending anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 a year on power.

He says these solar panels will help alleviate those steep costs. "Your power bills are not going away. Your power cost is from five percent or more. And do you believe that's going away? I don't think so. So if it's not going away, then solar is here," said Sunbelt Power Solutions Partner Bill Elliott. 

Elliot's main goal is to educate businessmen and farmers about the benefits of relying on sun for power.

He also says the large number of poultry farms in the area could reap the rewards of solar power. 

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