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Football Firebirds need more fans in the stands

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After a lackluster start to their first season, the Albany-based Georgia Firebirds have a winning record, and are looking forward to a huge game with their rival on Saturday. But, the team's owners are looking to translate the momentum on the field to fans in the stands.

Firebird fans at Saturday's victory against Myrtle Beach clearly had a great time.  "Everybody enjoys the game and the atmosphere, so we just need to get people here." Co-Owner Darrien Teals.

After chopping the cost of a ticket to ten bucks for the game but too many seats were empty. "With that promotion, attendance did increase," said Teals. And roughly two-thirds of the seats were comped, according to owners. "It's a clean, fun family atmosphere."

"With any new venture you are going to have growing pains and with our first couple games our attendance was not where we expected."

After a tough first loss, local indoor football legend, Coach Antwon Savage was tapped to lead the team.

"It's been an honor for him to come aboard he has taken a stance as a head coach and wants to make sure we have the right players that represent what we are trying to do," said Co-Owner Terrance Fowler.

And, as the wins rack up, a good game too. It's a combination the Georgia Firebirds owners hope will boost support for a team they say is here to stay.

"This is our inaugural season here in Albany but we definitely look forward to coming back next year and making it even bigger and better."

The game Saturday is against Columbus, the Firebirds biggest rival. They expect Columbus to bring some fans, and hope folks will come to the Civic Center to cheer on the home team. The game kicks off at 7:05.

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