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Police say burglar victim did the right thing

Where the burglary occurred (WALB image) Where the burglary occurred (WALB image)
Sgt. Jon Segroves (WALB image) Sgt. Jon Segroves (WALB image)
(Dougherty Co. Sheriff) (Dougherty Co. Sheriff)

Police have a warning for you after a 17 year old was caught at home during a break in. The girl was able to barricade herself and her small child in a bedroom until police arrived.

The break in happened on Partridge Drive around 11 o'clock yesterday morning. Diamond McCoy says she heard noise in the back of the home and realized someone was breaking in.  

She ran back to her bedroom and locked the door.  She was on the phone with 911 dispatchers when the burglar, identified as 56-year-old Jack Crews, actually tried to get into the bedroom after hearing her on the phone with police.

Nearby officers arrived within minutes and took Crews into custody while he was still in the home.        

Officers said that McCoy acted quickly and correctly in that situation. "If you can avoid a confrontation, then please do. Of course we will not tell you not to defend yourself, but we would prefer that you get to a safe location in your house, barricade yourself in if that's possible, and of course call the police," said APD Sgt. Jon Segroves.

Crews is charged with first degree burglary and open container.

He did have stolen equipment on him from Tractor Supply but it's unclear what charges Lee County may pursue in that case.

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