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Confiscated fighting dogs enroute to rehab

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The A.S.P.C.A. is now caring for 24 dogs, confiscated during a suspected Dougherty County dog fighting bust.

The dogs were seized March 13th when Dougherty County Police raided a reported dog fight.  They've been at the Albany Humane Society ever since,  but today the American Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took the dogs.

The dogs are headed to an ASPCA rehabilitation center, where they turn fighting dogs into pets.

One by one the 24 dogs, mostly pit bull mixes, were brought out of the Albany Humane Society And loaded onto the Beagle 2, .the ASPCA's luxury dog transport tractor trailer. The dogs were seized in a March raid on a farm on Hardup Road, after reports of a dogfight going on.  Most of the dogs were locked on chains so large that firefighters had to be called in with their equipment to free them.

But today the dogs showed no signs of aggression as they were loaded up for the ride. ASPCA Warehouse Transport Manager Bryan Hayes said "That's the case with a lot of the fighting dogs. They are easy for people to handle.  Then the other animals is where the issue is. And that's where our behaviorists come in. These dogs were easy for us to handle this morning."

The Albany Humane Society has cared for the 24 dogs for the last 45 days, putting a strain on their facility. Albany Humane Society Shelter Manager Martina Lane said "Oh, definitely full kennel. Our adoption center is full. I mean we are supposed to have 50 dogs, and we have over 70 in adoption right now."

The location where the dogs is headed is kept secret, but the ASPCA will have behaviorists And care handlers evaluate them, to see if they could one day be placed in homes. "There is great hope that they will have a family. We've seen a lot of dogs from these dog fighting cases end up being just great family dogs," Hayes said.

The dogs are still evidence in an ongoing investigation by Dougherty County Police, so they can not be adopted out until that case is resolved.  Until then these dogs will be cared for, and protected from any further involvement in dog fighting.

Seven people have been charged in connection with the March 13th reported dog fight.  Four people are facing actual dog fighting charges, while three more are charged with making false statements.

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