APD will gladly print out your ticket on the spot

APD will gladly print out your ticket on the spot

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Police Department is installing new printers in their patrol cars, to improve the traffic citation process.

Getting a speeding ticket is bad enough. Not being able to read the copy the officer gives you makes it even worse.  Police admit too many of their traffic tickets read like a Doctor's scribbled prescription.

So the new equipment won't make the citation any better, but more legible. The new E Citation equipment has been installed in about one third of the Albany Police patrol cars so far.  It will automatically help officers print out that citation.

"The nice part and the one we get complaints about the most is, I can't read the citation. Well once this prints you will be able to read it. It will cut down on administrative costs for the police department and the municipal court personnel,"   Albany Police Lt. William Dowdell said.

The E-Citation equipment also has an automatic reader for driver's licenses to transfer the information directly to the citation, and immediately on to magistrate's court. It also checks to see if the driver is wanted for any other charges.

Dowdell said "What you do, you just take the drivers license. Place it down in the reader.  Beep.  Pull it out. It reads like a credit card."
The e citation will make the process quicker.  The driver gets his citation printed out, and the ticket information goes to the court. And the officer is back on patrol quicker.

Dowdell said "On average you are looking about a six minute traffic stop.  They can probably cut down to three or four minutes."

Albany Police started installing the e-citation equipment last week, and will put them in all patrol cars over time.

It doesn't make getting a traffic citation any less painful, but at least you will be able to read the ticket, and get the process over with quicker.

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