Pope Park still standing strong 106 years later

Pope Park still standing strong 106 years later

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - As the 106th consecutive baseball season played at Pope Park wraps up, the historic ballfield continues to be source of pride for Sylvester.

The field is the oldest consecutively active ball park in the state, and the Worth County High School baseball team calls it home now.

The stadium certainly has a few quirks, from the old-timey grandstands, to the sloped outfield, to the light pole in play in left field.

Despite those, the Rams say they love taking such a historic field every home game.

"Nobody else plays at Pope Park but us. We have the oldest park in the state. Nobody else does. So there's a lot of pride that goes into that," says Worth Co. head baseball coach Will Smith. "Our kids understand that when they hit the field. We may not win them all, but we're going to play it right, and we're going to play with a lot of tradition and a lot of historical meaning behind everything we do."

The Rams took down Americus-Sumter 10-5 Thursday at Pope Park for their latest home win.

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