Editorial: City takes on 'Fight Albany Blight' effort

Editorial: City takes on 'Fight Albany Blight' effort

Albany is blessed to have beautiful oaks surrounding our city, with many wonderful neighborhoods throughout.

But most of us know, it's not all beauty.

The city is also fighting blight in a lot of our neighborhoods.

Blight that has scarred some areas for years, sometimes bringing dangerous activities into our own backyards.

But now, WALB is happy to hear that the city is taking on this issue head-on and as a team.

The Fight Albany Blight effort is now underway and the goal is something that we couldn't agree with more.

Several city departments are working together to provide resources and coordinate efforts to address a variety of blight in our city, from illegal dump sites, to overgrown lots to dilapidated homes.

The goal is to create strong neighborhoods, and better the community we live in.

The city will be pumping $312,000 into the initiative in the first year.

And that's money we believe will be well spent.

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