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Colquitt Co. woman terrified by home invader

The man invaded her home (WALB image) The man invaded her home (WALB image)
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A Colquitt County woman says she will never stay in her home alone again, after a man broke into her home in broad daylight. 

Laura Bibeaut didn't sleep at all last night,  after she kept replaying what happened yesterday afternoon in her mind. She says she's lived in her home on Cherokee Drive for over 20 years and she's never felt unsafe.

"I was just sitting in my living room, going through Pinterest for recipes, and all of the sudden I hear my 4-wheeler crank up in my front yard," she said.

Laura immediately called her husband to see if he was expecting anyone to come by the house and work out their 4-wheeler. "He said, 'Uh no?' I was like, 'Okay well there's somebody on the four wheeler trying to take it. And I looked out the window and I noticed he was kind of looking everywhere like he was nervous."

But seconds later,  Laura says he started walking toward the house. "I grabbed my pistol and I got on the phone with 911, and about that time I heard him trying to open up the front door. And that's when I really, really panicked."

Laura hid in a closet.  Only to hear him coming through the back door.  "First he went in the laundry room and opened up my husband's toolbox. And then he went to the back door and just pried it open like it wasn't anything.

Laura said he found her in the closet, made her get off the phone,  and demanded her to give him her gun. "I was begging for my life.  I have never been so scared."

But when Laura said he asked for her to help him find shells for the guns,  she knew this was her moment to escape. She told him where they were and he let her go get then. "I just backed up and scooted past him and started going down the hallway and I look back to make sure he was still back there.  That was my chance. I took it and I just bolted."

About a minute later,  Colquitt county Sheriff's deputies arrived and were able to get him in custody,  Putting him in handcuffs on the front porch. They identified the man as 29-year-old Halen Ladow Weaver. 

Weaver has not been formally charged at this point but he faces a number of felony charges. Laura says thankfully no one was hurt in the home invasion,  and she's grateful the deputies got there just in time.

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