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Sylvester offers 'Little Free Libraries'

A little library (WALB image) A little library (WALB image)
Leigh Wiley Library Director  (WALB image) Leigh Wiley Library Director (WALB image)
Artist Allison Kilcrease (WALB image) Artist Allison Kilcrease (WALB image)

Getting your child to read has gotten a little easier for Worth County families, who can go to several brightly painted boxes they call a "Little Free Library."
Inside the box, donated books for children and adults will be free to borrow, anytime. And without a library card!

 "As you know, we have one library to serve our huge county and we are excited to get these into other communities such as Warwick and Poulan, hopefully Sumner next," said Leigh Wiley Library Director.
That one is installed at Jeffords Park in downtown Sylvester. And, the artist, Allison Kilcrease, painted it specifically with Sylvester in mind, so you can see trains and, of course, the Worth County High School mascot, the Ram! Each box is unique for each community.

Artist Allison Kilcrease, has three kids, 16, 8, and two. This project has special meaning for her, because it's creative, but that's not all.

"I was so excited, because I love to paint in bright colors, because I want to bring joy and happiness," Kilcrease said. "When I heard about this project, because reading is so important, And my a child in the primary school system. He's had some struggles, and my reading with him every day has helped him. He's now reading, and to bring this joy… that kids can read, and their parents, too, it makes me really happy."

All the boxes are unique and different. "This park here, when you think of the park, you think of the train, and I wanted to make that a very kid's version, and I wanted to make it have bright colors. The front, I wanted to incorporate that with animals, because what kids doesn't love animals. And at the end of the box, there's a big Ram, our mascot, and I think kids are really going to love this box," Kilcrease said.

"This is my first box, and I am very proud of this for our community, and I thank God, for the ability to paint, and to bring happiness to our town."

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