Attorney for Leslie police chief react to his acquittal

Attorney for Leslie police chief react to his acquittal
Julius Collins (Source: WALB)
Julius Collins (Source: WALB)

LESLIE, GA (WALB) - Attorneys for the acquitted Leslie police chief say a vague indictment should have kept this case from going to trial.

Chief Bob Smith was indicted twice on charges of making false statements to investigators and violating his oath of office.

Chief Smith was arrested last May, and his POST certification was suspended. He started mowing the grass for the city instead and still got paid.

The first indictment detailed a conversation Chief Smith supposedly had with a deputy about a stolen laptop and his relationship with the woman who had it.

Prosecutors dropped the charges when that deputy said he couldn't remember the specifics of that conversation.

The second indictment cited a different conversation with a second investigator and did not give details of the false statements Smith supposedly made.

His attorneys expected the 'not guilty' verdict.

"Throughout the whole trial, we've had several communications with the district attorney's office. We've sifted through all the evidence, and nothing, there was no wrongdoing on Mr. Smith's behalf, none whatsoever. We just had to bring that out to the jury," said defense attorney Julius Collins.

We have a meeting scheduled with Chief Smith and the sheriff's office to discuss this case. We'll bring you more of that tomorrow.

The DA's office says they presented the case as given to them, and the jury made their voice heard. They would not comment specifically on the change of the indictments.