Sylvester kicks off 6 stops for Mobile News

Sylvester kicks off 6 stops for Mobile News

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - Sylvester is putting the finishing touches on its newly renovated train depot;  an historic landmark.

Workers are finishing the cement sidewalk now. This is just one point of pride Sylvester is showcasing during Georgia's statewide Cities Week.

 "I think about 100 cities around Georgia are also participating. It's just a great chance to show what we do and improve our quality of life," said Mayor Bill Yearta.

 Sylvester will show off the depot, and other exciting developments, during the first stop of our "Going Mobile Community Tour."

 Join Ben, Yolanda, Jake, and Melissa Thursday.
We'll broadcast our complete six o'clock news from downtown Sylvester, as we did two years ago, for the former Empire Building.

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