Editorial: Colquitt Co. woman attacked by dogs

Editorial: Colquitt Co. woman attacked by dogs

We were all recently alarmed to hear that an 84-year-old woman was viciously attacked by three dogs in Colquitt County while in her yard.

Her neighbors came to her rescue and fought off these vicious dogs.

"She had severe injuries to  the top of her head, to her arms, and to her legs," said Investigator Chris Robinson with the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office.

The dogs were roaming, not restrained. It was even more alarming to hear, that according to the Director of the Colquitt County Animal Control, that the owner of the dogs had been warned in the past about the dogs' aggression toward others.

Unbelievably, the owner is attempting to get the dogs back while animal control officers are requesting that the dogs be put down.

The decision will be left up to a judge.

Ordinances vary from community to community, but those ordinances should be followed so that potentially deadly attacks like this one won't happen again.

The owner should be held financially and criminally responsible for the injuries sustained to this poor woman.

Mary Ellison will spend several more weeks in the hospital and will likely face a long road to recovery.

It is a reasonable expectation that when she does return home, that she feels safe to walk out in her yard without the fear of these dogs attacking her again.

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