Students learn civics at Cities Week

Students learn civics at Cities Week
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It was a rare full house at Tuesday's city meeting, with student leaders from Albany's high schools watching their local government at work.

Nearly a hundred students listened as their elected officials discussed the finer points of running the city. The students even got to hear the draft proposal of the community's comprehensive plan, a map for the future.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard said this was was an important opportunity for these students to see how the city operates.

"There were mostly sophomores and juniors, which is really, really great, because it is an opportunity to learn these things, and put them into action and help them become good citizens," said Mayor Hubbard.      

The students visited a Government Expo showcasing city services, and had lunch with the mayor, too.

One student shared that he was surprised by how many services the city offered, and enjoyed watching the elected leaders at work.

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