Clock ticking for last-minute tax filers

Clock ticking for last-minute tax filers
Emancipation Day bumps the deadline (Source:WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Procrastinators, listen up.

Monday is the deadline to file taxes which is three days later than the traditional April 15th deadline, thanks to Emancipation Day.

Even with the extra time, millions are expected to file their taxes at the last-minute.

The IRS estimates more than 5 million returns to be filed Monday, and expects around 13.5 million requests for extensions.

Late filers can get a 6-month extension if they need extra time by submitting a tax extension form on the IRS website. The extension does not give late filers more time to pay, just more time to file.

"You can file an extension, that gives you six extra months to file that paperwork, there's still penalties associated with that," said Liberty Tax Service franchise owner Becky Elder. "It's better than not filing at all, you need to go ahead and file that extension."

Because the extension does not offer more time to pay, Elder recommends checking with the IRS to see what programs are available for assistance.

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