Editorial: Governor Deal vetoes 'Religious Liberty' bill

Editorial: Governor Deal vetoes 'Religious Liberty' bill

After several more protests last weekend in Mississippi and North Carolina, we continue to see the wisdom Governor Deal showed to veto of the so-called religious liberty legislation.

By passing similar laws such as the one Georgia was considering, Mississippi and North Carolina now have a list of more than 120 major companies who will boycott these states, costing them hundreds of millions of dollars.

It is of course clear to all those companies, these laws provide legal cover for those who wish to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Our thanks to Governor Deal who said it best:

"Georgia is a welcoming state," said Governor Deal. "We do not need to discriminate against any minority to protect our religious freedom."

This kind of prejudice and bigotry is nothing new. The Jim Crow laws in force until 1965 were also a system of legalized oppression, attempting to validate segregation and white supremacy.

Our country was founded by those trying to escape religious persecution from the one state sponsored religion: the Church of England.

To not be true to their ideals of tolerance and inclusion should make us run from laws like this, and using the Bible as a prop for prejudice should be seen as one of the worst examples of this ignorance of how we began as a country.

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