Editorial: Dougherty Co. Commission not 'Thinking Local'

Editorial: Dougherty Co. Commission not 'Thinking Local'

In a week when we are celebrating local pride during Industry appreciation week, it is a crying shame the Dougherty County Commission is embarrassing us with a lack of support of our local businesses.

Dougherty County it seems has not chosen to have a local preference option, to bid out local contracts.

Harry Prisant of Sunbelt Ford complained to county commissioners about once again losing a bid to an Atlanta dealer, this time for $3.80.

This was for two 15 passenger vans. This cost our local Sunbelt Ford a sale of roughly $70,000.

This is not the first time this has happened. The last time Sunbelt lost the bid for 15 police cars over a difference of $5.65 per car.

This makes you wonder how many other local businesses are being hurt, not benefiting from county purchases, with our own tax dollars, because of this practice?

"It's not only me, as far as this bid, it is anyone that does business with Dougherty County," said Prisant. "You might not right now have a local preference, but you need to have a common sense one."

How many thousands of messages have we presented over numerous years now to: "buy local", "shop local" and support locally owned businesses?

At all their county commission planning retreats, you mean this topic of buying local never came up?

There are signs all over town that say: "Think Local". Maybe the Chamber of Commerce should make a presentation to county commissioners and explain to them what that means.

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