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MCLB holds large-scale disaster drill

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First responders from the Marine Corps Logistics Base teamed up with city and multiple county squads to keep their skills sharp in the face of an emergency

In the aftermath of a simulated threat from explosives, the Marines are preparing for the worst. It's only a drill, but the exercise aims to mimic reality.
"Realism is important, because they will have an opportunity to experience what they would see in a real live event," said Marcus McAllister, All Hazards Planner. 'All Hazard Planners' are Marine Corps specialists, who train Marines to prepare for disasters.

First responders at the Marine Corps Logistics Base, the city of Albany, and Lee, and Worth Counties teamed up for the annual training exercise. Past scenarios have included natural disasters and active shooters.

Crews focused on emergencies with multiple casualties. "We want to test our capabilities to make sure, if this actually does happen, we're able to do our job and function properly," said MCLB Fire Chief Phillip Partin.

Marine Corps Installation Command All Hazards Planner Marcus McAllister travels the East Coast to ensure bases are prepared for the worst. "Every installation in the marine corps worldwide is required to do an annual training exercise, whether it be force protection, anti-terrorism, or critical infrastructure protection, this is part of that process," he said.

Chief Partin says he's making sure all the moving parts are working together. "Triage is one big part of what we do making sure we get the people out and account for everybody. Get everybody where they need to be to get care to them as fast and effectively as possible." 

Partin says the base fire team is learning a lot, he expects the yearly exercise will keep his crew fit and ready. 

The course took an entire day of work to set up. The Marine Corps Logistics Base will undergo similar training again next year.

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