Victim's family speaks out after Camilla hostage shooting

Victim's family speaks out after Camilla hostage shooting
Willie Mae Wallace (Source: Nichole Brimberry))
Frederick "Frelow" Murray (Source: GA Dept. of Corrections)
Frederick "Frelow" Murray (Source: GA Dept. of Corrections)
Family of Willie Mae Wallace (Source:WALB)
Family of Willie Mae Wallace (Source:WALB)

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - More is being uncovered about the man investigators said shot and killed his wife, leading to a more than six-hour standoff in Camilla.

49-year-old Fredrick Murray, who people in Camilla call Frelow, surrendered to a Georgia State Patrol SWAT team Friday. Officers said he killed his wife, Willie Mae Wallace, at his home on South Scott Street.

According to the Georgia Department of Corrections' website, Murray was incarcerated previously for arson in the first degree, arson in the second degree, and aggravated assault.

Murray was released from the Lee State Prison in August of 2012.

Family members of the victim are now speaking out.

Wallace's sons and relatives said they're relying on each other to heal from the tragedy.

"They called me and told me that my mom was being held hostage," Willie Mae's son, D'Narrious Wallace, said. "They let me off work early, then, I found out she was gone."

Wallace's family is now coming together to support each other and learn more about what happened.

"We're all kind of holding on now, but that moment I was feeling like 'I love my momma'," D'Narrious Wallace said.

The family said they're waiting to find out more about the investigation.

Until then, Wallace's cousin Nichole Brimberry said they're using each other to make sense of the situation.

"We just have to be here to pull together. We won't be able to find out anything until Monday," Brimberry said.

Wallace was in her forties. Her cousin said, despite her life ending at an early age, Wallace is leaving behind a strong legacy.

"To know her was to love her. She didn't bother anybody; she was as sweet as can be," said Brimberry. "If you asked her to do something and she could, she would do it. Even if she couldn't, she'd try to make it happen."

Brimberry said Wallace faced domestic violence while married to Murray, and that anybody in a similar situation should reach out before it's too late.

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