Senator: Religious bill will come up again

Senator: Religious bill will come up again

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Georgia State Senator Greg Kirk of Americus, who represents the 13th Senatorial District, says he believes another version of the Religious Liberty Bill he sponsored in this year's legislative session will be proposed next year.

Kirk's bill passed both state legislative houses, before being vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal. 

Activists and major businesses, like the NFL and Disney, attacked the bill for being discriminatory against the LBGT community, threatening economic reprisals.  

Kirk said he has doubts about those business' statements. "Disney. Florida already has a stronger religious freedom restoration law than what we were proposing here in Georgia. So I don't see them down digging up Disneyworld to move it.  So I just got a lot of reservations about some of the corporations that came out."

Senator Kirk said his proposed bill would have protected faith groups' religious beliefs, like a church-based adoption service now being sued, because they don't agree with adoption to same sex parents.

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