Mother and daughter survive after tornado destroys their home

Mother and daughter survive after tornado destroys their home
Cleanup continues following a possible tornado that left 10 miles of damage across Calhoun County. (Source: WALB)
This home was completely lifted up and destroyed by the storm. (Source: WALB)
This home was completely lifted up and destroyed by the storm. (Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

CALHOUN CO., GA (WALB) - Cleanup continued Thursday following an EF-2 tornado that left damage across Calhoun County.

The worst damage happened at a mobile home on the Dickey Bypass, a stretch of road between the Edison and Morgan communities.

EMA director Richard Martin said he received the tornado warning at 2:45 a.m., and after a brief call with the National Weather Service, activated the warning sirens in Edison and Morgan.

The storm appears to have formed at a mobile home park just north of Edison, then cut across Country Club Road where two homes were damaged, before landing on Dickey Bypass.

The storm cut a line all the way to Brown Lane outside of Morgan.

"Pretty straight line if you draw it out on the map from where the subdivision is in Edison to where the last report of damage is, it's a pretty straight shot across the county there," said Martin.

Martin estimated that the storm which damaged homes, brought down power lines, and ripped trees apart, traveled roughly 10 miles in total.

One person suffered minor injuries at the trailer park near Edison, where the storm first hit.

But officials said that on Dickey Bypass, a mother and her daughter were fast asleep inside their home when the storm hit.

The winds picked up the mobile home, and ripped it apart.

The women woke up under an old live oak tree, 70 yards from where they had been sleeping.

Martin, who is also a friend of the family, was the first on the scene and feared for both of their lives.

"I was hoping we had survivors. I know these people personally, I went to school with them, and have grown up with them, I have known them my whole life," said Martin. "Just, kind of a bad feeling when you roll up on a scene like this and see this."

But both women are expected be okay, but suffered broken ribs and other injuries. The 55-year-old mother will have surgery Saturday.

The home is a total loss. What bits and pieces the family can collect, such as a few old pictures and some clothing, is all that remains.

The storm also managed to knock out power in Calhoun County.

Crews were scattered across the area Thursday, working to get lines and poles back up. Power was being restored to an estimated 150 to 200 homes Thursday, all in the county.

"We have a good many number of power lines down right now, and of course you see Diversified Powers' really working really hard to get these lines and poles put back up here in the county and get the power back over," said Martin.

According to the police department, the City of Edison has power.

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