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"Feed Albany" expands in downtown Albany

Organizers feed people in need in Downtown Albany. (Source:WALB) Organizers feed people in need in Downtown Albany. (Source:WALB)
"Feed Albany" is every Wednesday evening. (Source:WALB) "Feed Albany" is every Wednesday evening. (Source:WALB)
Tosh Sevier, Organizer (Source:WALB) Tosh Sevier, Organizer (Source:WALB)
Pastor Antonio Screen, Volunteer Pastor Antonio Screen, Volunteer
Monroe Davis, Volunteer (Source:WALB) Monroe Davis, Volunteer (Source:WALB)

Folks in need show up for a free meal in downtown Albany.The effort called “Feed Albany” is growing and some community leaders started the weekly initiative a few months ago.

A prayer starts off this week of "Feed Albany" in Downtown Albany as people in need stand in line for a nice, hot meal.

"We've seen a continuous problem with people not having enough to eat,” said Tosh Sevier, Organizer.

The initiative began on Thanksgiving and has grown thanks to donations from the community.

"So we're crowd funded,” said Sevier. “We let people know what we're doing and different people will drop off money, supplies, cook.”

The feeding is every Wednesday evening, joined by volunteers like Monroe Davis and Pastor Antonio Screen.

"Most people here should just find people here that's doing stuff, get a part of it, and let’s make the whole community better,” said Pastor Antonio Screen, Volunteer.
"We trying to show the love of God,” said Monroe Davis, Volunteer.

Davis says he gives back because he was once in need.

"Well I used to be homeless and somebody had to help me and so by somebody helping me I try to help others too,” said Davis.

Organizers say the feeding has raised some concerns for neighboring businesses.

"We've been having some complaints from the business owners downtown,” said Sevier. “I guess the congregating of the people waiting in the line."

Organizers are now working with a Pastor to find a new location for the meals.

"We don't want to stop the initiative but we don't want to be a nuisance to the business owners but at the same time the priority is feeding those that don't have anything to eat,” said Sevier.

Pastor Antonio Screen says he is working on setting up another day to feed the community on the Eastside of town near his church, so that there will be two days a week of feeding the community. 

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