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Neighbors fear dogs that attacked elderly woman

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Stevie Gomez (WALB photo) Stevie Gomez (WALB photo)
Bill Suber (WALB photo) Bill Suber (WALB photo)
Angela Holden (WALB photo) Angela Holden (WALB photo)
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For the first time,  we're hearing from neighbors who helped fight off three dogs that were attacking an elderly woman in a Colquitt County neighborhood.

That woman is still recovering in a hospital in Tallahassee. The dogs are in animal control custody.

"I told her I said, 'Miss Beth, please hang in there because we got the ambulance on the way.' They had just officially just about eaten her alive," said neighbor Angela Holden. 

Neighbors say they still have nightmares of what happened Friday to Mary Ellison,  known to them as Miss Beth. " It was the scariest thing I've ever been through in my life. It was horrible," said one.

And after Animal Control workers say the owners of the dogs are intent on getting them back. People are worried about their own safety. But it happened right outside Holden's home on Beaty Road  Friday morning.

"I've never seen anything like this before. This is what you see in the movies, but not in real life," said Holden. "I just heard the dogs, all the dogs in the neighborhood were just barking. Commotion.  Just going crazy like there was something wrong."

Holden's fiance Stevie Gomez told her to call 911 after he recognized his neighbor,  Miss Beth, on the ground, surrounded by dogs that belonged to Jerry McDonald who lives at this home next door.

"I ran across the street to check on her, still on the phone with 911, and when I got around the corner, I had seen her laying there just covered with blood," said Holden.

Stevie Gomez and their neighbor Bill Suber said they used a wooden plank and a machete to scare off the dogs. "She would have never had made it. I thank God that I was around to help her.  Thank the Lord for that," said Gomez.

Suber says if the owners of the dogs are intent on getting the dogs back, they need to consider the safety of their neighbors. "It's wrong because there are five or six people out here, elderly people, and one of them is down in a wheelchair.  I think they ought to be considerate before they start to bring the dogs back."

And with Miss Beth in her eighties, her neighbors are grateful to hear she's recovering. "You just wouldn't think a woman that age would make it, but she's a strong person and I thank God that she made it," said Holden.

A court hearing will determine the fate of the animals.

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