Masters Memories: 'The shot'

Masters Memories: 'The shot'

AUGUSTA, GA (WALB) - Dozens of memorable shots have been hit at Augusta in the tournament's 80 year history. But a few are permanently at the top of the list and remembered by every patron.

The Par 3 16th hole was etched into masters history, if it wasn't already, 11 years ago. It's also the spot of the first shot we are going to highlight. Tiger Woods was just off the green Sunday, with a one-shot lead with three holes to play. Chris DiMarco was hot on his heels.

Woods famously lofted the chip on top of the hill, a shot that most golfers would not even vision. The ball just trickled into the hole, and Woods would go on to win his fourth, and to this day, his last green jacket. That moment is still fresh in the minds of many patrons.

"He had to hit it well past the hole, watch it come back, and just the reaction of the crowd, was amazing," said Todd Yeager.

"Looking at it from here, I don't know how he did it. It was just an amazing shot," said Max Bondi.

The second shot we highlight happened three holes earlier and five years later. Phil Mickleson was sitting 209 yards out, in the pine straw with the lead here on Sunday here on hole 13. The decision was to lay up or go for. His caddie telling him to go for it, Phil going for, and that result is now historical. It landed to about eight feet. He'd make the birdie, and win his third green jacket.

One patron here today says the shot is even more incredible after seeing it in person. "Watching that on TV, it looks a whole lot easier, and watching where he came from and imagine myself being here, making that shot," said Bernie Wickershan.

The third and final shot we highlight is Bubba's incredible shot out of the woods here on 10 as he chased his first green jacket. Bubba was in a playoff with Louis Oosthuizen and was stuck in these woods. All hope seemed to be lost. It was until he pulled off one of the most incredible shots in golf history. Bubba drawing the ball around this tree and landing it on the green.

"There's no way it should have happened the first time. We're just looking at this thing going, 'he had to start this thing 60 yards to the left and move it over to the right. It's impossible. Being here and seeing the depth of the shot is just unbelievably impressive," Stephen Munney.

"Very impressive. I just walked up here with my brother. We were looking at it just trying to fathom how he hooked the ball over back on to the green to make that incredible shot being left handed. It's really incredible to see it firsthand," said Kyle Boles.

Back here at the 16th, that's three shots, three places you must go and envision. Close your eyes and imagine the pressure on the golfer and the reaction of the crowd. It will give you a new appreciation for this historical tournament.

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